Saturday, August 6, 2011


I'm a total stalker...of blogs! I get a lot of craft/food/fashion/decor ideas from some of my favorites. I wanted to share some of my biggest crushes from each category. Enjoy!

One of my all time FAVORITE blogs. I'm totally crushing on all of her outfits that she showcases daily. She has the amazing ability to make bags and jewelry work in every season. Her style is expensive, but she sticks with the same basic watch and bangles in most looks as well as the same few pairs of sunglasses. I could learn a few (a LOT) of lessons on versatility from Bee.

This incredible site features looks put together from anyone and everyone. It's so easy to find a specific outfit or piece with a ton of different style and variety.

Design Sponge
Design Sponge is AMAZING. They break it down into places, spaces, before & after, DIY and a ton of other categories that are customizable to a specific search. 

Gorgeous. Beautiful. Procrastination tool. Click on the link and see for yourself. Trust me! (Related: Food Gawker, Wedding Gawker, and Craft Gawker)

This site is so has food, DIY crafts, decor, and art. This is my go-to site whenever I'm bored. If you click, be prepared to spend a good amount of time here.

Another gawking site...this place is sooo wonderful. It's packed with links to any kind of DIY/crafty project imaginable. LOVE LOVE LOVE.

iBake. This site is so beautiful and simple when it comes to finding amazing recipes for some homemade sweet treats.

Same story, this gawking site will hook you FOREVER. It's oh so easy to narrow a browsing session to anything from desserts to gluten free entrees. Yumm!

Weddings and Photography
This blog lives up to its name, it's just so pretty! Weddings are the main focus of this versatile blog. Thanks to the new style of modern weddings, most of the decor can cross over into everyday life. They're taking a turn to the vintage and homemade DIY side and doing so very nicely! (PS: This WILL make you want to get married)

Erich McVey Photography
Erich McVey is a Salem based photographer who I share lots of mutual friends with. He not only takes (BREATHTAKING) wedding photos [left: congrats Liz and Brent!] but also takes the kind of senior shots that make me want to rewind two years and rethink who I chose to take mine! He's so versatile and can make anything look beyond gorgeous. Take a look at his full site here!

Wedding Gawker
Hi, my name is Emily, and I have an addiction to gawking. Yes, everything from food, crafts, dwellings and lastly, weddings. Once again this site is so user friendly and SUPER easy to get addicted to. Enjoy!

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