Friday, June 17, 2011

Gettin' Crafty

When I was younger, I used to collect stickers. Not to look at later, but to preserve them because they were so special. Only the "special" projects got stickers. Same story for my pens, crayons, and colored pencils: I preserved their newness for as long as possible because the box of 24 Crayolas looked way better when the crayons were still pointy. I would probably diagnose myself with childhood artistic OCD....hmm. If only that existed. As a grown up (only by 11 months...) I indulge myself in more "sophisticated" crafts. No more crayons, we're moving up to paint chips and ribbon!

Craft Gawker is my new addiction. I turn to this site whenever I'm bored and I can usually find a few things to craft up. If nothing else, it inspires me to clean my room because half the things are for organization purposes!

My first crafty-thing are these paint chip gift tags. I can't WAIT to try it out this week! The trees might be a little out of season, but the idea is perfect for any time of year. These simple and personalized tags can be made in a few easy steps, with little to no expense!

1. Pick out paint chips from a local hardware store.
2. Use an existing hole punch or pick one up from a scrapbook store (a monogram would be ADORABLE)
3. Punch the fancy hole out of the not-so-fancy paper and lay it over another paint chip and secure with glue. 
4. One more hole punch at the top and finish it with a ribbon, and VoilĂ ! A beautiful, inexpensive tag that can be used anywhere from gifting to bookmarking.

To hide the "paint chip effect" simply cut out a piece of cardstock (OR another paint chip!) and attach to the back. Mix up the ribbon, colors, punches, and uses! The possibilities are endless.

I have a problem: Too many necklaces! I don't think I wear half of them (ever...) partly because they're tangled up in a drawer of a desk organizer. Out of sight, out of mind. When I came across this next project I knew I had to share! I'm going to go thrifting this weekend to look for a frame so I can do this myself. It's also a great way to hang earrings (that don't require backs). It'll go perfectly in my new apartment this year!

1. Obtain an old/new/beat up frame. 
2. Trim wire mesh to fit and attach with a staple gun.
3. Use s-hooks to hang necklaces.
4. Ummm...that's all! This is such a simple and cute way to utilize a frame as well as those forgotten necklaces, even if only for decoration.


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