Thursday, July 14, 2011

MAC and Mac

Today I got an e-mail about the new MacBook Pro! I've been waiting for my clunky Dell to die so I can replace it with the sleek/trendy/awesome Mac. I originally got my Dell thinking I was being clever in saving money, when really I just shot myself in the foot. I have had SO many issues with this thing it's not even funny. Part of it comes from my friend Holly stepping on it and killing the screen, but that's another story. To my disappointment, the "new" Mac looks the same as it did before (just with new software) so I won't be upgrading anytime soon unless my Dell bursts into flames. I should explain the other part of my anticipation...I love Apple. I am seriously SO in love with their style and how they manage to outdo themselves with the launch of the next version of, everything! They can't do any wrong. I didn't think the iPhone could get any better, but then they came out with the 4th one! Once they come out with the next version I'm using my upgrade and trading in this (junky) Droid and getting myself and iPhone (Or if you've ever heard me or any of my teammates say it, the "iFin". Just pretend you're saying it with a German/British/Snobby accent.). Here's my Apple wish list, even though I'm pretty sure it matches everyone else's.

Every color for every occasion.

Part 2: MAC. I also love this brand of makeup (Again, team pronunciation=MOC-up. Mix of MAC and Makeup with that German/British/Snobby accent. We're into that kind of thing.). I've gone through plenty of their foundations and powders to know that they can almost do no wrong, just like Apple! This of course is an exaggeration because I'm sure they've had their fair share of flops (just none that I know of). Here are some of my most FAVORITE colors/shades/whatever-you-wanna-call-it of everything from foundations to eyeshadow (except for mascara because THIS is the best).

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