Saturday, July 9, 2011

Waffles and Wannabes

I hemmed a dress! I actually sewed ACTUAL fabric! This is quite an exciting time if you can't tell by now. This is my first real sewing feat so I still consider myself a serious wannabe seamstress. As far as dresses go, they're usually too short (again, I'm 6'3") even if they're maxi dresses. Yes, there is such thing as a maxi dress that's too short which was the case with one of my dresses. I wore it for my senior pictures about two years ago and have wanted to get it hemmed (shortened) since then to make it more wearable. I finally took it upon myself to do the work and make it happen! It took me about thirty minutes to measure, pin, cut, and sew and it was so worth it! I wore it all day today and I love it so much more now than I did before. It's so nice to wear a dress and not have to worry about it being TOO short :)

Switching gears a little bit...let's talk about waffles! In my cullinary opinion, waffles are all too often overlooked. I think that this is partially due to the fact that they're confined to being made in the same iron day after day without any room for a creative touch. Personally, these are one of my favorite foods! I would probably eat them more often if they were more than a Bisquick mix with syrup on top. I was stalking Food Gawker and noticed that there are SO many different varieties and twists that I've never thought of! Here are some of my favorites, from oh-so-simple to what-the-heck. Enjoy, and eat up :)

(PS: click "via" for a link to the [yummy] recipe!)

First up, the classic. I think it's pretty self explanatory:

Next, a (bomb) recipe for cinnamon roll waffles. Not just cinnamon, but cinnamon ROLL. Yes, the roll makes a huge difference. Check it out!

My mom just informed me that her favorite food might just be pancakes with peanut butter and syrup on top. Well mother, take a look at this recipe that puts the peanut butter in the batter itself making it ten times better! (The fact that it's a waffle already makes it a #winner)

Ummm what?? Bacon and waffles? Yupp. Bacon and waffles. Oh, and brown sugar :) Weird, but at the same time wonderful.

The next and final three can be grouped together for one obvious reason. Can you take a guess? I'm not even sure if these can legally be called breakfast foods...

[link to restaurant]
WELL I'm off to Sunriver for the week! For anyone not from around Oregon, it's a biking/relaxing/sunny/river wonderland. Have an AMAZING week!!

Check out Psalm 8 if you get a just reminded me about how awesome God is going into this weeklong vacation into His nature :)

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