Saturday, July 9, 2011

What a Beautiful Day!

I'm so exhausted! Ohhh my goodness I've done so much driving today...the short story is I went to Seattle with people who are doing the Seattle to Portland bike ride so I could drive their car back. I absolutely love that drive! It's at least four hours each way but coming back took about six with the awesome Seattle-Tacoma traffic. It's a pretty long drive but it is absolutely GORGEOUS. The pictures below don't give it justice at all. Seattle is by far the prettiest city when the sun is out and today was no exception.

I didn't do the driving on the way up which gave me some time to catch up on some reading. I started in on a book called Crazy Love by Francis Chan and I couldn't put it down! It's about God's insane, undying, unconditional love for us. It was definitely a wake up call because it made me realize that I like most people are living according to the world's standards about what our faith should look like. We justify doing the bare minimum for God because it's more than "the guy down the street". I got so much out of this book and I'm planning on reading it more in-depth when my family and I go to Sunriver this week! It was a quick read and only took me about two hours. I STRONGLY recommend this book to everybody...let me know what you think!

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