Friday, December 23, 2011


Hello and Merry Christmas! I can't believe we're less than two days away from SANTA COMING! I can't wait to see family and eat some good food. 

I've been obsessed with a certain type of hair tie for a while now. Ever since I discovered a boutique in Seattle that carries them, I just have to stock up every other month. Now that I've discovered how to make them, I just had to make them available and affordable for my friends and followers. 

These wonderful elastic hair ties are soft, stretchy and doubles as a bohemian-chic bracelets when your hair doesn't need to be up. Wear them in sets on your wrist or give them as a gift!

What makes these bands so amazing: 
-They have a lasting hold in hair whether in a ponytail or a ballerina bun
-They are kink and snag free! 
-They don't have a tight hold on wrists

I have ten colors to start off with and we'll see how well they sell on my Etsy Shop before I go crazy and splurge on every single one. Please check it out and let me know if you're interested in getting any! These are the sets I have so far and I can put together any combo of the below shades to match your style. Pricing is also available on my shop, but is always negotiable if bought in large quantities :)

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