Wednesday, December 14, 2011


Hello and Happy Wednesday! Lately I've just been hanging out at home recovering from surgery. I finally got around to repainting my nails...they were such a mess! I did a coat of "Wet Cement" by Sally Hansen and finished with "Afterhours" by Urban Outfitters (usually at the counter) as a French tip. Paige gave me a bottle of Orly Top 2Bottom finish and, like the name states, I used it as a great base and top coat. Great upside to only doing tips in glitter? Removal isn't as huge of a pain! Now that I finally purchased an iPhone (Yayyy!), I've turned into an instant photographer with Instagram! Here are my hipster-cool pics of the polish and finished product.

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  1. I love the polish. I was planning to glitter only the tips as well but until now I was too lazy.


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